All For Teens…Start Right, Start Young

Puberty can be very stressful for teens as they start to develop acne due to changes in hormones.
Start ’em young with Skeen treatment for teenagers!

Teenager’s Facial (with low power laser & lasertone)

The intensive yet more subtle way of performing facial on adolescent’s age. This usually targets problematic skin like pustules, cystic acnes, and post-acne scars.

Intensive Acne Facial (with low power laser & lasertone)

Also, a hygienic cleaning of acne patient’s skin pore by pore and employs the use Low Power Laser and Lasertone.  These lasers generate just enough power to stimulate the circulation of fluids beneath the skin which warms up slightly, so flood flows faster through the skin. This allows the skin to circulate more inflammatory substances out and more oxygen and nutrients in.

Photofacial (with skin photodynamic therapy)

Designed for patients with acne which employs a hygienic technique by our experienced therapists to make sure that the skin is cleaned pore by pore. This facial also includes PDT or Photodynamic therapy (use of blue and red light), wherein the blue light kills acne bacteria on the skin while the red light heats and shrinks oil-producing sebum glands in the skin resulting to the skin’s decreased oil production which is one of the acne’s culprits.


This treatment thoroughly clean the skin surface which uses wand with a disposable diamond tips that propels crystal flow to the skin, and also vacuums away the dirt and dead skin cells. Immediately after treatment, the skin feels softer and smoother.

Diamond Peel Premium: with Medicines/Serums, Mask

A microdermabrasion treatment but with added lightening and rejuvenating serums or gels during ultrasonic or galvanic probe treatment.  Cold hammer is then applied afterwards. Since the therapist employs the regimens on the added step, the treatment gives better skin rejuvenation result.

Ozein Peel

The  latest breakthrough in acne treatment for skin detox. This treatment is best recommended for skin repair and rejuvenation. 

Pumpkin Peel

Get celebrity-like skin with Pumpkin Celebrity Facial – a seven-step, two hour organic facial procedure upgraded with the use of serums, creams, micropeeling agents all delivered through deep massage. Each step results to an even skin tone and brighter complexion.

Vital C Peel Plus O2

For whitening care, this is a comprehensive approach that provides protection and providing active nutrients to improve the health of the hyperpigmented & sensitive area. A form of high grade step by step facial utilizing infused high grade brightening ingredients in each  step. This promotes micropeeling especially of hyperpigmented areas. Takes off dull tired skin and promote brighter complexion.

Black Clear Peel (Lunch Peel)

A revolutionized treatment which is fermented rice turn into brown vinegar, comprising of lactic acid, black acetic acid, biosulphur  and other organic materials. Intensive acne facial is done on the first step, after which the peeling solution black clear is applied immediately on the open post-extracted scabs.  This will promote faster healing of redness, oozing, bleeding, and accelerate macropeeling for faster healing of the pimple scars. Day by day patient will experience peeling of dried scabs. This will also prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).


Electrocautery is the medical use of electricity to cut tissue off, to stop blood loss, and to dry affected tissue.  This procedure transfers electricity to human tissue by using an electrode. With this application, the electricity produces molecular energy which results in the blood coagulating. The clinic specializes in electrocautery of warts, skin tags, acrochordons, milia rubra and syringoma on periorbital and Tear Trough Areas.

OxyOasis Brightening Deep Facial and UnderArm Brightening

This is a three-step facial to promote instant brighter complexion.  OxyOasis Micro Mist Facial System is a non-medical aesthetic oxygen concentrator that filters ambiant air to provide uninterrupted flow of highly concentrated, oxygen-enriched air. This low cost, easy-to-use system provides the perfect complement to any body area and facial treatments.

Pastelle Laser

The Absolute Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser that removes age spots, melasma, acne, large pores, and other types of scars. Addresses birthmarks, removes tattoo, and helps in salutary skin whitening and rejuvenating.  One can appreciate immediate results with no downtime and no anesthesia, with a fast treatment time. Pastelle Laser is Versatile, Powerful, Stable, Reliable.

Xlase Plus Diode

Xlase Plus diode laser applicator has been designed in response to the high demand for the removal of unwanted hair in all body areas. It offers the ability to treat large areas ultra-fast with high efficacy and comfort. It reduce unwanted hair fast and safe. This treatment is one of the most comfortable procedures for permanent hair removal.