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All For Teens…Start Right, Start Young

Puberty can be very stressful for teens as they start to develop acne due to changes in hormones.
Start ’em young with Skeen treatment for teenagers!

Teenager’s Facial (with low power laser & lasertone)

The intensive yet more subtle way of performing facials at adolescent’s age. This usually targets problematic skin like pustules, cystic acnes, and post-acne scars.

Also, a hygienic cleaning of acne patient’s skin pore by pore and employs the use of Low Power Laser and Lasertone. These lasers generate just enough power to stimulate the circulation of fluids beneath the skin which warms up slightly, so flood flows faster through the skin. This allows the skin to circulate more inflammatory substances out and more oxygen and nutrients in.

The gentle way of performing facials on younger ages and targets black heads and white heads.

A microdermabrasion treatment with added lightening and rejuvenating serums or gels during ultrasonic and galvanic probe treatment. Cold Hammer is then applied afterwards to close the pores. Since the therapist employs the regimens on the added steps. The treatment gives better skin rejuvenation results.

Skin Photodynamic Therapy makes use of blue light and red light wherein the blue light kills bacteria on the skin while the red light heals and shrinks oil-producing sebum glands in the skin resulting in decreased oil production. It is a photo-sensitive topical agent applied to the skin and activated by a light source – promoting skin rejuvenation for acne treatment, acne scar treatment, anti-aging treatment, rosacea treatment and more.

This is a three-step facial to promote instant brighter complexion. OxyOasis Micro Mist Facial System is a non-medical aesthetic oxygen concentrator that filters ambient air to provide uninterrupted flow of highly concentrated, oxygen-enriched air. This low cost, easy-to-use system provides the perfect complement to any body area and facial treatments.

The Absolute Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser that removes age spots, melasma, acne, large pores, and other types of scars. Addresses birthmarks, removes tattoos, and helps in salutary skin whitening and rejuvenating. One can appreciate immediate results with no downtime and no anesthesia, with a fast treatment time. Pastelle Laser is Versatile, Powerful, Stable, Reliable.

Diode laser applicator has been designed in response to the high demand for the removal of unwanted hair in all body areas. It offers the ability to treat large areas ultra-fast with high efficacy and comfort. It reduces unwanted hair fast and safely. This treatment is one of the most comfortable procedures for permanent hair removal.

Black Organic Peel is a combination of natural acids that help reduce acne-related problems on the skin such as black heads, scars, blemishes, redness, and pimples. It is an anti-bacterial treatment that clears and renews your damaged skin.

Iontophoresis is well classified for use in transdermal drug delivery. It is a method which relies on active transportation within an electric field. High grade serums are applied on the skin surface as the machine probe glides all the way for penetration. This is suitable for general skin perk up rejuvenation, under eye bags care, face pigmentation and underarm whitening.


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Customer Review

It has been 3 years since we have been with Skeen. I can honestly say that they've taken care of us in a way that boosted my self confidence with regards to how I look on and off stage. It's our go-to place whenever we need some pampering in our free time. By this time, we have already tried most of their treatments and facials, and I can, without a doubt, highly recommend their clinic. Procedures are always well-explained and elaborated step by step by Dra. Gisela. For your acupuncture needs, Dr. Rich is your guy. He has helped us multiple times.
Thank you, Skeen! Always looking forward to visiting you.

Joey G / Artist / Musician

Aside from having the most advanced machines and equipments, this skin anti-aging clinic's service is top-notch! They've got the most cheerful doctors, nurses and staff. And very accomodating too! I can't imagine having to find a new dermatology clinic that will take care of my skin. Skeen is the BEST! More power!

Thor Dulay / Artist

Skeen really makes sure all my needs are met. They have amazing service and quality procedures. Rest assured, you will always be taken care of Their personalized treatments, quality skin and body care and team of professional and of course, Doctor Gisela and Doctor Richard’s expertise truly has reliable and amazing results. Been with them almost 2 years, and will be staying for more for sure.

Janine Teñoso / Singer
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