Look Fit and Sharp Effortlessly

Being a perfect gentleman means taking care of your looks and health. Looking fit and sharp can give a great impression. But the common problems can be avoidable like rough skin texture, fine lines and hair loss. Skeen’s Men system can help repair, regain and maintain that gentleman’s look for years to come.

Automated Derma Roller / Fractionalized Microneedle Rolling System

Skin Needling with a skin roller produces hundreds of tiny dermal injuries.  Each dermal injury triggers the body’s natural wound healing response within the skin, producing and depositing new collagen and elastin in the treatment area.  Each successive treatment triggers the production and deposition of new collagen and elastin that progressively in-fill (collagen induction) the depressed scars and deep lines. The various types of microneedling  treatments such as Acne Clearance with Intensive Facial Cleaning, Facial Scars with Intensive Facial Cleaning, Skin Lightening Dark Spots, Age spots & Melasma as well as innovative procedure such as Abdominal or arm Stretch marks treatment.

Diamond Peel Premium: with Medicines/Serums, Mask

A microdermabrasion treatment but with added lightening and rejuvenating serums or gels during ultrasonic or galvanic probe treatment.  Cold hammer is then applied afterwards. Since the therapist employs the regimens on the added step, the treatment gives better skin rejuvenation result.

BTL Vanquish ME

The BTL VANQUISH ME is the world’s most advanced system for body shaping, circumferential reduction of abdomen, arms and thighs.  It represents the only contactless and operator-independent Selective RF technology that targets the largest treatment area in a single session.  It is the non-contact liposuction fat blast !

Maximus Trilipo

State of the Art Triple Fat Reduction Treatment Program. The treatment presents simultaneous application of RF heating, that tightens, firms, lifts the skin and reduces fat.  Tones and firms the muscle while it converts fats to energy muscle. A salutary treatment in any face and body part.


A high-intensity machine for and face and body area to enhance circulation, physical fitness workout, attain four hundred sit-ups in the comfort of the bed with a magazine, body toning, pain  and spasms relief, breast and butt enhancements, aid in weight reduction, and immediate post- surgical stimulation of calf muscles.

Laser Hair Re-growth Treatment

This targets specifically weak hair follicles to enhance proper circulation providing strength for those with balding areas, receding hairlines, and to decrease hair fall and stop the hair loss. It’s a major step for scalp care especially those with scalp skin irritations, rashes, seborrhea and wounds.  It is a 3-step arsenal for Hair Growth Treatment. 

Self-Growth colony

It is your own blood healing you from which it turned into micro powder form and is highly stable for the next two years. It’s clinically proven to give promising result on skin rejuvenation, tightening, whitening, address scars of any body part, hair loss and follicle resurrection.


Pioneers a personalized healthcare system centered on an individual’s unique DNA mapping and genetic profile. The approach offers deep nutrition guide, lifestyle and exercise interventions to address key and future health issues.  Longevity is attainable when prevention is better than cure.


This is a non-invasive technique that gives visible results even after the very first treatment. The sessions can lower inflammation and effective in treating acne, eczema, and can reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Liposlim (Lipo-cavitation Machine)

The technology is used to contour, reshape and firm body from areas where diet and exercise alone have not been able to do so. The clinic has various machine types, both digital touch-based and conventional, to perform the procedure on almost daily basis on various body areas such as Arms (bilateral), Abdomen, Back/Flanks (bilateral) and Thighs  (bilateral).

Radio Frequency (Firming and Tightening)

This treatment uses electrical pulses to effectively tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. It works by selectively delivering heat energy to the middle and lower levels of skin stimulating new collagen growth. The centre also offers the state of the art 5 mghz power type which is at par as compared to the usual 1-2 mghz in the market  today. The Clinic does this specialty procedure on different areas of needs such as Face & Neck, Peri-Orbital (Eyes), Arms (Bilateral), Abdomen, Back/Flanks (bilateral), Thighs (bilateral), Breast Firming & Lifting, Buttocks Firming & Lifting, Calf Muscles.

Celluslim Shock (Mesoestetic Slimming, Tightening, and Draining)

A dynamic anti-cellulite treatment program that consists of 10 treatment sessions, each individually customized to fight the multiple causes of cellulite. The treatments adapt to the specific type of cellulite each person suffers from and how far the condition has evolved. Each session starts with the skin being prepared to facilitate subsequent penetration by the active substances.  The physician uses the original diagnosis to determine the quantity of draining, lipolytic and firming active ingredients required for the intensive massage stage. These products are combined in an active solution to create a “custom-made” preparation for each session.

Neuromodulators/Botulinum Toxin Injection

Cosmetic injection is a non-surgical procedure that relaxes the muscles which cause wrinkles in your brow, forehead, around the eyes and every area of the face.  One will look more relaxed and confident because the wrinkles become smoother, often raising the brow and opening the eyes wider.  This is also used for treatment of excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, soles. Also for reduction of muscle bulk of the arms, legs and upper middle back.