My journey and experience with SKEEN Face and Body Center has been outstanding! I was not a big fan of going to a Dermatologist, so my skin was really dry and flaky. When I started going to SKEEN and began using their products and services, my skin instantly improved. My favorite treatment is the XLASE plus face and body. It can get rid of unwanted hair and reverse ageing. With just one session, you will see great results with no down time. I cannot believe what a difference it made. I also love OxyOasis Facial as it keeps your skin highly hydrated. Dr. Gisella Trajano is great at what she does! She is very Knowledge able and up to date. I highly recommend her! She and her staff is very professional and make each patient feel special.

                                                                                                Joanna Ramos
Commercial Model


I had a very problematic face since I was a teenager.  I understand it’s part of growing up but then again who wants acne on his face when you’re in front of your crush? That’s why I tried a lot of face products for men that claimed can cure acne but unfortunately none really worked and some made it even worse and so I ended up having pimple scars.  Until the friend of my brother told me to try Skeen Clinic and since then I never used any face products not recommended by them. I learned my lesson the hard way that we should trust our face only to the experts and not by self-medication or trial and error. Skeen Clinic definitely knows what they are doing and I can say that they are expert when it comes to skin.  As of now I’m still under treatment for my scars but I’m more than just satisfied with the results because my face is already acne free.

Microcell is my favorite treatment at Skeen Clinic. Results were amazing and there is definitely no downtime compared to other procedures. Been through a lot of procedures and only microcell permanently removed my pimple scars.”

Van Vic Leano
Century Tuna Superbods 2009


My cheeks have always been my problem every time I smile. It makes me look 5-10 lbs. bigger in pictures. I love how Intragen made me look younger and showed more of my cheekbones. Also salutary effect for face tightening and shaping.

Sheila Marie Carlos
Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 1994