About Us

About Us

One of the best

Skeen Face and Body Centre came to life back in 2009 situated in a modest location of 20 square meter clinic in Las Piñas with only two-bed capacity and carrying three machines.  It speaks of homey and intimate ambiance located in the heart of DBP Village.  Perfectly suited for clients who want privacy with their facial and skin treatments while providing them with utmost quality and attention.

Revolutionized treatment with a personal touch is how Skeen furnishes their every service. The clinic values sincerity and commitment amongst their clients.  Health and wellness are always on top priorities for their patients.  With these characteristics on hand, Skeen continues to attract their own set of aficionados.

“That’s the reason we gained the trust of our clients, at the same time they also gained confidence in our doctors, clinicians and our nurses and also our services. We’d like to treat our clients as our family,” as Skeen founder, Dr. Gisela Trajano-Sarmiento shares.

Every consultation starts with a quick refresher session where Dr. Gisela herself shares some valuable points on physiology and anatomy and later conceptualizes a program impeccably matched for their facial and skin care needs. Every procedures and protocols are well explained to the patients. Through that discussion, they freely decide on what to get.

All of the treatments are systematically executed basing on the patient’s preference.  Reinforcement on the treatments is advisable so as to see the difference and best results.

Seven years and still growing strong, Skeen Clinic is strengthening their position through their Alabang Town Center branch to better serve the people in the south area and those coming from nearby cities.  Their client base, some of which are coming from the same vicinity and even from different provinces all over the country and balikbayans from the neighboring Asian countries, continues to grow as well.  Soon they will be opening up additional branches in the metro and outside Manila.

Likewise, Skeen continues to promulgate innovation and introduce new breakthroughs in the aesthetic aspect.  Expect the best treatments from basic and advanced aesthetics as well as natural avenues for anti-aging, general medicine services for all age groups that only Skeen Face and Body Centre can provide.